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Reflection & Mirrors History

It is no secret that interior designers and most people rely heavily on all the benefits of mirrors to add more light & glamour to any room! Men & Women have always been fascinated with their own reflection, which until 13th century Europe was only able to be seen in water. The first mirrors were made from polished stone or metal and gave little more than a vague resemblance of the person looking into to them. With advances in glass manufacture, mirror design progressed rapidly & in combination with metals such as mercury, tin & lead, mirrors as we know them today were finally created.

Today, mirrors are made with glass, with the majority coated with a fine leaf of metallic foil, which provides the amazing reflection.
Plane silver mirrors are 'flat mirrors' which reflect the light without changing the image, but there are also other types of mirrors such as convex & concave mirrors, which distort the light and change the reflection we see. 
Mirrors are now available in many different designs & their use has spread from solely being there to see a reflection, to being one of the most interesting designs and modern art. From contemporary to traditional, you'll now be able to find a type of mirror which suits your home and tastes perfectly.

Shop for Beautiful Mirrors of All Kinds Online

If there is one thing that can really brighten up a room or a home, it is a gorgeous glass mirror. It doesn't matter if it is on the wall, on a wardrobe, desk, or even as a mirrored piece of furniture, having them light reflecting items in your home can make any area look amazing.

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We Have Discount Glass Mirrors for All Rooms of Your Home

No matter what room in your home needs an update, we have an excellent range of glass mirrors that are sure to look amazing. From sprucing up your living room with a sensational art deco mirror to brightening up the bedroom with a frameless mirror next to the wardrobe, you will always find an exceptional selection when you shop online at our huge internet store. Since we can ship Australia wide, no matter where you are, you can have the opportunity to have any item you buy shipped to you. We are Australia's largest online mirror store, so you can be sure that you will find all you need at Mirroz Online.

Beautiful Mirrored Furniture for Sale and More

You will certainly be amazed by our selection of mirrored furniture and more. We have a great selection of unique mirrored items as well, including mirrored bedside tables, mirrored buffets, coffee tables, chests and more. You will also find mirrored centrepieces, clocks, prints, jewellery boxes, frames and so more. We even carry illuminated mirrors and mirrored televisions. When you are looking for exceptionally gorgeous mirrored items for the home, make sure you search the largest online mirror store in Australia, Mirrorz Online.