Why we need Pest Control Service in Child care.

Say ‘No’ to Pests in Child care centers.

Parents who seek for a best daycare center to provide their children, the love and protection.

If there is one place where you don’t want to have pest, it is Childcare center. None of the parents willing to see the insects that scrawling around the childcare room, where at the same place their children are left by them for the ultimate protection.

If you own for the Childcare Center and facing pest problem, here it is a perfect solution guaranteed by our Pest Control Corp experts for the insect free daycare centers. In Childcare centers, pest control services must be taken out with much careful managing system to avert injury, diseases and property damages.

To give an effective solution we handle with the guidelines of the Integrated Pest Management ( IPM ) We Pest control corp assure 100% to deal with IPM. Integrated pest management is a method of controlling pests with the idea that pesticides should be the last resort. Instead, the focus is on managing pests through the elimination of environments, security, and management.

And for that, we assure from AEPMA standards with all our services, where you can find eco-friendly Pest management. We maintain the standards and guidelines of the AEPMA to make you feel free from the pest as well as to carry out the service without any harmful effects. That is what we need from our service as a result.

What we do for the quality Inspection.

Managing Pest control in child care center requires prompt attention. We at the Pest Control Corp have experienced service operators who has been trained in Pest control service. Our operator will arrive at the place and we will do the complete inspection in your child care center. We will consider the entry point of pests into the child care rooms and related areas. Firstly, we identify the type of the insects or pests from the area and its habitants. We will figure it out, the way how it is getting in.

Here we provide a plan to block their entrance and cut off their food supply which make them to survive in the area.

For example if you notify a cockroach, it is possible there are more hidden out of sight. It is very necessary to take relevant action to control the effect from the pests.

So, we as a trained technicians, we provide you with the quality solution to handle the situation without making any harm to the children, by our pesticides agents. We also want to help you to protect the name and the brand of your child care center to satisfy your customers. For that we need perfect protection to the children, so, we will accomplish our responsibilities on behalf of your side.

Accomplish the Pest Management Plan

Once we inspected your place, we will conclude with the solution where we need to control the pest by using Organic Pesticides.

Quality of Organic Pesticides.

Which means, if you have the problem with rodents or any other insects, we will use organic products wherever possible. This is necessary in Day care Center because children put everything in their mouth. So we notify to control the pest without using heaviest chemicals, and we ensure that to help you. It is very important to make sure the unavailable of toys and equipment while the treatment time.

Anyhow, if the pest makes undeniable destruction or any injuries there may be a possibility to apply bait, gel, traps during the time when children are out of the centers. We will make sure, is there any two or a day off after the usage of the low-toxicity baits and other pesticides.

Somehow if we identify with the severe pest problem we can move further with different standards of pesticides with lowtoxicity, which can be the smoke treatment but only if it is necessary. And we always secure our days for the service while checking the two days off after the treatment to ensure that there are not any children in childcare center. Even though we use integrated pest management we assure the safety of human and property.

Are you own a childcare center and seeking to control the pests in your centers and outdoor environment? We at pestcontrolcorp here to help you with the guaranteed solution to your surrounding in your daycare center as insects –free. You can build your invested daycare center with safe and protection with us.

Let us come to your childcare center for the prior inspection to get to know the range of pest and its problem to resolve it.

Contact Pest Control Corp we would like to help you to grow and expand your daycare center with no pests.